Are you planning to buy Fluoxetine? Read This!

Fluoxetine has gained huge popularity as an antidepressant that offers quick relief. This drug is offered under the brand name of Prozac and falls under the category of the SSRI drug family. It works by affecting the chemicals in our brain which leads to panic attacks and depression in the first place. This drug ensures a balanced chemical activity in your brain, leading to a soothing effect. It is important to know the medical uses of this drug before you buy Fluoxetine.

What are the medical uses of Fluoxetine?

It is used in the treatment of:

Depressive disorders

Panic disorders

Bulimia Nervosa

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

PMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder)

Fluoxetine is often used in combination with other drugs for the treatment of bipolar disorder. It is often used for different types of depression disorders.

Important withdrawal symptoms of Fluoxetine

There are chances that one may suffer from withdrawal symptoms after completing the dosage. These symptoms may differ from mild ones to rather debilitating ones. However, this drug has comparatively lower withdrawal symptoms are compared to other drugs of the SSRI family.

Physical withdrawal symptoms of Fluoxetine

The working mechanism of Fluoxetine is by affecting your brain, but one may feel physical symptoms as a result of cessation. Some of the most common physical withdrawal symptoms are listed below.





Painful skin reactions/sensation

Body aches

Neurological withdrawal symptoms of Fluoxetine

Prozac is said to have certain mental and emotional effects which can be really difficult to tolerate. Some of the common neurological symptoms are listed below.


Sensations like an electric shock (Brain Zaps) and unprovoked crying spells

Anxiety or depression (allergic reactions)


How to ease withdrawal symptoms after you buy Fluoxetine?

The first and most important tip is to weigh the positive outcomes of stopping the medications. If you were prescribed the medication for depression and you have experienced huge relief, then you may consider stopping the medication. On the contrary, if you are diagnosed with long-term depression, then it is best to continue your medication. You should consult your doctor before quitting the dosage and it is best to reduce the dosage gradually. Go for regular exercise to avoid further negative symptoms.

Buy Fluoxetine online

You can buy Fluoxteine online and enjoy discounted prices at online pharmacies. These pharmacies offer free delivery of drugs to your house. However, it is important to do proper research before considering online pharmacies. It will help you in keeping the fraudulent pharmacies at bay. Consult your doctor before you buy Fluoxetine online.