Serious Sertraline Side Effects

Sertraline or Sertraline hydrochloride which it’s also known by is an antidepressant, used to treat a number of conditions, but there are also sertraline side effects. As with most medicines there are some Sertraline side effects, some serious and some not so serious. We provide information about the possible Sertraline side effects, that said, not everyone will experience these sertraline side effects and some may even experience sertraline side effects that aren’t listed here.

We provide extensive information about sertraline side effects, but if you want to learn more about Sertraline in general, visit Wikipedia.

Very Serious Sertraline Side Effects

When experiencing these side effects, you have to call for emergency help. These are allergic reactions which can be very serious and ultimately lethal. Do not take these sertraline side effects lightly.

Difficulty breathing

Swelling of face

Swelling of tongue

Swelling of lips

Swelling of throat

Skin rash/hives

These are serious side effects and luckily not very common. It is however important that you as a patient is aware of the potential side effects. If you experience any other allergic reactions not listed here, please call for emergency help also.

Less Serious Sertraline Side Effects

If you experience any of these sertraline side effects, you should instantly call your doctor or healthcare center. It’s crucial for your safety that your report any problems, while on medication.


Strange changes in behavior

Suicidal thoughts/behavior

Anxiety or panic attacks

Extreme changes in mood between happy and depressed




Dry mouth

Decreased libido





Weight loss

These side effects are not quite as serious as the allergic reactions, but they also have the potential to be really dangerous if left untreated. Always contact your healthcare center if you experience any of these or other side effects while taking sertraline.

Sertraline Withdrawal Side Effects

The sertraline withdrawal side effects can be quite serious and you must always consult your doctor before stopping with sertraline. The list below is not complete, but it shows some of the possible withdrawal side effects. Specific Sertraline Overdose Side Effects may occur as well.

Cold sweat




Erectile dysfunction



Irritable bowel syndrome



Weight gain

Weight loss

There are several other sertraline withdrawal side effects that may or may not effect you. Remember to always consult your doctor before stopping with sertraline and also consult your healthcare center if serious side effects occur. Sertraline side effects, sertraline withdrawal side effects and Sertraline Overdose Side Effects should be taken seriously.