What are the pros and cons of treating your child with Adderall?

Adderall is often prescribed for children with ADHD. It is an amphetamine, which is a central nervous system stimulant. Amphetamines work by causing the brain to make more of the hormonesnorepinephrine and dopamine as well as preventing them from being absorbed too quickly. Based on the known properties and bodily effects of the hormones, it’s believed that the person’s attention span and concentration levels would improve with Adderall. For a person with ADHD, the drug has a calming effect on the natural hyperactivity of his/her brain.

The drug is recommended for children from age 6 and up. Usually the child is started out with a low dose of the medication and then is adjusted accordingly until the proper amount needed is found. There have been a number of horror stories about children being treated with Allderall or Ritalin claiming the children have been turned into zombies. If there is a change in the child’s behavior, it’s important that the physician be notified. It could be that the dosage is too high and needs to be adjusted. It’s also believed that the use of Adderall may slow the child’s growth rate but some studies indicate that this is not a permanent change.

Sudden death has also occurred in children and adults taking Adderall from the increased heart rate that the Adderall causes. Before starting a child on Adderall, it’s important to be sure that he doesn’t have any heart problems or abnormalities. Adderall, as an amphetamine is a big seller as a street drug. When the drug is used properly, most people won’t experience too many side effects, however, the side effects are exactly what people in the streets are looking for.

Adderall is used often by students, truckers, and by others looking for a way to stay awake and alert for a long period of time. If the drug is prescribed for anyone in the household, it’s important to keep the medication where it’s only accessible to the care giver. People can develop a tolerance to the drug that would require taking more to get the same effect. Self medication at this point is not recommended and only the doctor should adjust the dose. There is also the chance of physical or mental dependency upon the drug. Adderall is a very potent drug.

The decision to administer the drug to a child should be carefully considered. There have been studies proving the effectiveness of Adderall in ADHD cases, but parents should be advised to pay particular attention to the child’s behavior and make note of any changes and discuss them with the physician.